At Happy Healthy Tots and Happy Healthy Juniors, we provide Yoga & Wellbeing Classes, Holistic Tutoring, Early Years Consultancy and Nutritional Therapy for children with Allergies & Eczema.

I am a qualified primary school teacher who ‘accidentally’ ended up teaching very little ones in my first year teaching. I have to admit, at the time a class of thirty 4 year olds did not appeal to me, to be honest I was petrified. How will I teach them? They can barely put on their coat?! Just in case I was not offered another job I accepted the position.

Well what a blessing in disguise that was! Within a few weeks I was hooked and I was learning everyday how to provide a high quality, active and fun learning approach, which can be applied to teaching any age.

In my first year as a fully qualified teacher I am proud to say that we achieved the highest level of development in the borough (I say ‘we’ because I was merely the facilitator for these clever little ones). I was quickly promoted to lead the department. Within four years from starting my teaching career I was judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and was told that my department was the strongest in a wonderful and ‘outstanding’ school. An Ofsted Specialist commented on how my classroom was exactly what an early years classroom should look like…children chatting, laughing, having fun and naturally learning. I had transformed the early years department into a happy, safe and harmonious learning environment, which the children loved and enjoyed being part of. I could not be prouder!

As well as leading the early years team I was Head of Science and Head of Communications for the whole school. I have taught children from Nursery up to Year 6 and have enjoyed every year. I am passionate about children learning in a fun, exciting and happy way.

Another proud moment for me was becoming a mother to my two beautiful, colourful, hilarious and charming little boys, Luca and Reis.They are quite frankly, my massive bundles of joy (although I’m sure every mother says that about her children). Luca is 2 years old and has so far been through an awful lot with severe eczema and allergies. His eczema was so severe he was hospitalised twice; it was the most heartbreaking experience of my life. His skin looked as though he had been burnt from head to toe and there was nothing I could do (I feel uncontrollably emotional just writing this). He developed multiple allergies along the way and this was a very challenging time for our family. When we attended Luca’s first emergency allergy appointment he reacted to every single food they tested him for; dairy, egg, soya, fish, all nuts, seeds and wheat. The dietician’s advice was disappointing; in fact if I followed the advice then this would put my son at risk of becoming deficient in certain nutrients. This is when I took it upon myself to research and learn as much as I could about food, how it affects our bodies and how it can help my son. I took a course in Child Nutrition and Qualified as a Nutritional Therapist.

We are so very pleased to say that we are managing his eczema well and we are now on a mission to help our boy grow out of these allergies. Unfortunately, allergies and eczema seem to be on the rise; this is something I have noticed whilst working with children, conversations with professionals within the field and discussions had with parents.

I am a strong believer in the importance of food for healing. Although my son has multiple allergies I have worked hard to ensure that he is consuming a varied and healthy dietary intake, which I completely share with the whole family and try to make sure he is not missing out on fun foods! I have to say that I feel I am eating healthier now than ever before!

Reis is 1 years old and I am pleased to say that he does not suffer from eczema or allergies and I am pretty sure that this is down to our new, healthy lifestyle.

Throughout my journey teaching, motherhood and starting Happy Healthy Tots, I have learnt the importance of providing children with a happy and healthy lifestyle, both internally as well as externally. I am so pleased to say that Happy Healthy Tots Wellbeing, Happy Healthy Juniors Yoga and Private Tutoring have taken off, and both the parents and children alike are enjoying this holistic approach to education. I am equally passionate about education and food and I believe that when combined in the best way they can promote optimal child development and enhance wellbeing. I am able to incorporate nutritional advice as part of the various class packages or Nutritional Therapy for Children with Allergies and/or Eczema.

I feel extremely passionate about the holistic approach. In all classes I incorporate mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques, nutrition advice, movement and natural objects as much as possible.

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Client Success Stories

I was very unsure of what foods to give my daughter when I first started weaning her. Seran was so helpful and told me when it was best to introduce things and also gave me tips for different foods I could give her to help provide more variety. She also helped me when I was worried about some dry skin on my daughters legs and recommended a cream to use which cleared it all up within days – thank you!

Harriet, Walton

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our children. The children have quite simply loved you and have loved being in your class. As parents, we too have been delighted that you have taught our children. I don't think any of us could have asked for a better teacher and you have, without a doubt, given our children the best possible start to school life. Thank you.

Cheryl, Richmond

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and patience you have shown our son. We have seen him grow in confidence in so many areas and it’s credit to your skills.

Harper family, Richmond

Thank you for all of your hard work and love you have given to our children – they have flourished under your care.

Jasper, North Sheen

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. Since moving from Asia, her days have been filled with great ideas and times in your very fun and endearing classroom. Thank you very much for opening up a whole new world and helping her be a happy girl. Please continue with passion and power.

Maaya, Barnes

Thank you so much for having given our son the gift of reading, and that of reading with pleasure. I had asked that you stretch him, and you have done that well beyond my expectations. We think that you are doing an outstanding job. We can see his progress in numbers too.

Adalyn, Richmond

Thank you so much for all of your energy and enthusiasm.

Elizabeth, Twickenham

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