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Why we decided to follow in our son’s path and go allergy free

We decided to eliminate the foods that Luca is allergic to. These are dairy, gluten, egg, sesame, peanut, cashews and pistachios. We were keen to still provide a varied and healthy diet for our family. Many people have their opinion, not always positive, but this made us more determined to ensure that our son wasn’t missing out. I went back to the books and studied as much as I could on food and nutrition. I completed a Child Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy Diploma and focused on ensuring Luca is given all the nutrients his body needs.

Our advice from the dietitian

We were very disappointed by the advice given to us by a ‘qualified dietician’. Baked beans, tinned custard and foods from the ‘free from’ range at the supermarket.

We were not given advice on nutrition or what our child needs to get better, to support his development or to generally flourish. It seems we were one of many parents given the same advice.

Don’t get me wrong I am by no means criticising families who eat this diet. If I were unable to do all the studying I did, and continue to do, I too would follow the advice given. Which is why I want to be able to share my early years experience with my nutritional knowledge. Ensuring all parents can gain support and advice from Happy Healthy Tots. In hope that fewer parents go through the huge challenges we experienced.

Importance of nutrition

I remember the doctor saying that the majority of babies with multiple allergies are often delayed with their development. As an experienced early years practitioner I decided that I had to do something to help make a difference.

It is heartbreaking seeing your child having to deal with a condition such as eczema and worrying knowing he has allergies. I am hoping the foods I provide for him and a healthy, happy lifestyle will help strengthen his immune system and fight these conditions.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of healthy food and all that the nutrients can do for our body. I write a weekly food plan for Luca and track the foods he is eating and the nutritional values they provide. This is why I have created Happy Healthy Tots.

If I can help other families by sharing advice, providing services and offering as many recipes as possible, I am hoping this can make a difference to even one family. It is possible to provide your child with everyday foods no matter what the allergy is. And most of the recipes will be suitable for all families. As a working mother myself I know the challenges but it is possible.

Benefits I have gained from my new allergy free lifestyle

Our new allergy free diet is the healthiest, most nutritious diet I’ve experienced. Before having Luca I suffered every year with severe hay fever in the summer and itchy, dry skin in the winter. This year I have noticed a drastic reduction in my hay fever symptoms and am no longer suffering from itchy, dry skin….and with an active little one, I am often forgetting the all important moisturiser.

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