Healthy Sweet Treats

Healthy sweet treats

We were told, by a ‘dietician’ that children with allergies are very limited with the foods they can eat, especially desserts. In fact she stated, “custard and rice pudding will become your best friend” as these are the only puddings our son could have. She continued to advise us to mix the two puddings with different fruits to give variety.

Variety of allergy free treats

As a healthy eater myself, I was not comfortable with feeding my son processed, tinned custard or overloading him with rice pudding. I was convinced that this surely was not the case, even with dairy and egg restrictions, I did my research and spent a lot of time in Whole Foods and online. There is a HUGE range of healthy, nutritious foods, which can be whipped up to make delicious desserts and sweet treats. These desserts are not only dairy, egg, peanut and gluten free but refined sugar free too!

Refined sugar free

We are now a refined sugar free household for these reasons;

  • We get enough sugar from natural sources such as fruit and honey
  • Sugar can exacerbate eczema
  • Sugar can causes hormone imbalance
  • Sugar can cause tooth decay
  • Sugar contains no essential nutrients and is empty calories

Refined sugar substitutes

We replace refined sugar with mainly fruit, and some maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar…it all just depends on what I am making. I feel so much happier knowing that the sweeteners I am using for my family are the healthier option.

First birthday cake

As Luca has not been exposed to refined sugar he has not seemed to develop a taste for it. On his first birthday Nanny made him an amazing allergy free victoria sponge cake (you wouldn’t have been able to tell it was allergy free it was that good) but Luca chose to go without! I have to say I was (pleasantly) surprised that he disliked the cake just because I don’t need to feel bad about limiting the ‘unhealthy’ sweet treats.

Chocolate substitute

Another dislikes of Luca’s is chocolate…I know right?! I have never met a child that dislikes chocolate! As I was on a mission to ensure Luca doesn’t miss out on dessert and ‘healthy’ sweet treats I came across carob, a chocolate alternative, that Luca loves! As you can imagine I was keen to experiment with this chocolate substitute as it contains fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, is low in fat and sugar and is caffeine and gluten free.

Try my recipes for nutritious and delicious cakes, brownies, cookies and biscuits.

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