Private Classes

Our Wellbeing and Yoga classes are designed to support all areas of children’s development. We pride ourselves on providing a foundation for children to prosper and learn essential life skills to help manage their emotional wellness, boosting their mental and physical health. Each class includes elements of relaxation and mindfulness techniques, skills that can be used to help manage stress, anxiety and improve focus and concentration. During each class we aim to instil positive qualities of kindness, gratitude, resilience, self-confidence, respect and happiness. Classes are held outdoors in the beautiful surroundings of our family home, in Shepperton, Middlesex

We believe children develop at their own rate and we do not have fixed age boundaries but we do give a ‘typical’ age which may help when booking your child in for a class.

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Happy Healthy Tots Wellbeing

The children are captivated as they follow a magical adventure with puppets, music, yoga, storytelling and art. They are kept active and engaged through a fun and exciting journey. Each session includes learning to experience being in a calm, peaceful and mindful space, where the children use a variety of creative tools to express freely and self-explore. Wellbeing Classes are typically aimed for children from 18 months to 7 years of age.

Happy Healthy Juniors Yoga

Happy Healthy Juniors Yoga

The children learn in a playful and enjoyable way to develop focus, build on self confidence and boost their health, wellbeing and physical development. The classes include various breathing techniques to manage different emotions, relaxation to calm busy minds and young nervous systems, storytelling, yoga poses and different games. Once techniques have been learnt they can be used anywhere at anytime to help them cope with various challenges. Above all, yoga is super fun! Yoga Classes are typically aimed at 4-11 years.

yoga and mindfulness

1:1 Yoga and Mindfulness

My goal is to help and support as many children live a happier and healthier lifestyle. I believe that yoga and mindfulness can help to enhance their learning experience, whilst preparing them for their journey with resilience. Although education is important, it is the essence of teaching self love, in developing confidence, in promoting a sense of self worth, and self esteem that are the key building blocks that give rise to a strong foundation, from which to grow and flourish.

Our lives are fast paced, high pressured and filled with stressors. Exposer to this lifestyle seems to be linked to higher levels of stress, anxiety and even depression for adults and children. I believe in the importance of teaching early on, the valuable principals that can become part of their lifestyle, serving to strengthen their foundation and enhance their learning experience. A practice such as yoga and mindfulness, will allow children to develop a variety of skills and techniques that can be applied, to help manage challenges with more ease, resilience and positive outlook. Good academic performance alone, will not prepare children for life. However, learning how to calm, breath, become mindful, be patient, build strength and relaxation can support children with inevitable life challenges that we all experience along the journey of life.

With one to one Yoga and Mindfulness for Children, we share a variety of techniques that will support them through out their precious, developmental journey. At the same time, instilling them with positivity, creativity, happiness and harmony.

Children who feel good about themselves have the confidence to express themselves more effectively, the ability to solve problems more easily, the resilience to manage life challenges better and the freedom to feel proud of their accomplishments, with confidence to follow their dreams.

The practice of yoga and mindfulness not only serves to promote mental and spiritual well being, but it also enhances physical strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and posture.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Happy Healthy Juniors Holistic Tutoring

Happy Healthy Juniors KS1 & KS2 Holistic Tutoring 

Many parents turn to tutors to support and improve their child’s academic performance. With the pressures they experience in education today, it is important to incorporate more than just teaching the subject.

As well as providing the direct tutoring they need to improve their results, I believe it is essential to nurture each individual child as a whole. This includes reducing anxiety levels, improving self esteem and confidence, boosting motivation and increasing their overall happiness.

With a small amount of scaffolding, learning happens naturally when a child is happy and healthy.

With Happy Healthy Juniors Holistic Tutoring, I incorporate mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques, nutritional advice and movement as well as tutoring the specific subject through a more dynamic and practical way where possible.

I am very excited to be offering such a unique form of teaching.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.