Yoga For Kids

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years now. I love the way it makes me feel. It helps me turn everything into a positive, even through challenging times. Research suggests that regular yoga practice increases overall wellbeing; improves sleep, better body awareness and greater happiness. Through experience I can vouch for that. Taking time out for yoga, and living the lifestyle, is important to me. And even more so now I am a mother of two children.

Prenatal Yoga

I practiced yoga throughout both my pregnancies and believe it enabled me to experience a more positive, natural and calmer labor. There is an extensive amount of research that suggests that prenatal yoga offers great benefits for both the mother and the child. The benefits of yoga continuously encourage me to pass the practice onto my children.

Yoga with my children

My day begins with baby yoga for my 5 month old son. He loves it. We fit bursts of yoga into our day with my 2 year old, breathing, relaxing and postures. Bursts of yoga work best for my toddler at the moment. When he is ready we will practice longer sessions, as long as he continues to love yoga. It is important to listen to the child and allow them to take the lead with what they enjoy and are passionate about. This will encourage and support independence and self-esteem. I have to say I am yet to meet a child who dislikes yoga. I have been teaching children’s yoga for many years now and the feedback is always so positive.

Benefits of Yoga

Researchers conclude that yoga improves children’s physical and mental wellbeing. By providing children with the opportunity to experience yoga, or elements of yoga, in a fun and exciting way we are helping them develop positive life skills. Here are some of the benefits yoga can offer children:


  • Instils positive qualities
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Children learn how to use breathing, relaxation and meditation to balance emotions
  • Non competitive
  • Makes children more aware of their own abilities and limitations
  • Enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness
  • Boosts self esteem and confidence
  • Great for bone development and strength
  • Improves academic performance due to better concentration, focus and memory.

I am truly excited to be teaching outdoor Yoga and Wellbeing Classes to children aged between 2 – 5 years of age. Due to popular interest we are currently considering classes for a wider age range. Stay tuned…

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